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Your Premier Color Sorter Manufacturer Since 2011.

We are a leading developer and manufacturer of color sorters in China, and our sales network covers 26 countries in Asia and Europe. We aim to offer affordable, effective optical sorting solutions to improve our food security.

With 20 years of experience, SG Solution has developed a whole series of high-tech sorting equipment, including CCD color sorters, X-ray color sorters, InGaAs Color sorters, Multi-stage color sorters, and Belt-type color sorters.

Color sorters are a kind of revolutionary machine compared to traditional sorting equipment, and we are still exploring their application edge. We have managed to use them in grain and rice processing, snack processing, plastic recycling, and mining field.

Whether you are an agent, end-user, or wholesaler, you're welcome to join us. SG looks forward to expanding more potential markets and serving more clients in the future.

Top Manufacturer in China

As lots of companies are working in the world but SG color sorter manufacturer set industry screening criteria. We set up a top-level R&D team to analyze, installing, customizing, and upgrading the sorting machinery.

CE & CSA Approved

All the SG equipment have been approved by CE and CSA, we served 100+ clients in 26 states worldwide. We provide intelligence oriented color sorting process which controls by big data technology.

Customized On Demand

With 20+ years of manufacturing experience, we can customize the software and hardware according to your needs.

Milestone of SG Sorter



SG developed and manufactured our first color sorter in Hefei, and our clients widely used it for grain and rice sorting.



Developed InGaAs technology

SG developed infrared technology and managed to produce an InGaAs color sorter. Due to new technology, we improved the sorting accuracy of rice sorting to 99.9%.



Served International Markets

Our international business started in Cyprus, a white bean farm that needs to sort and clean its raw beans. We helped them improve the quality and earn more potential profit.



Created our brand: SG

We started to use our new brand: SG instead of the original sortexgroup.com.



100th international client

In 2019, we got to know our 100th Customer, a UK recycling company. Our color sorter helped them separate the plastic flakes by colors. 



We are still waiting for you to join

We have rich experience in retail and wholesale sale models. We could offer overseas installation, commission, and operation training, and we look forward to you joining.


Our Mission

SG is committed to providing the most cost-effective sorting equipment to all users. On the one hand, we try to reduce intermediate trade links and save costs. We can provide you with one-stop services such as production, sales, technology, transportation, installation, and operation; On the other hand, strengthen R&D investment and make the best quality product.

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