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SG Solution is one of the leading coffee bean color sorter manufacturer in China. We are dedicated to offering an accurate coffee bean cleaning and sorting solution for customers all over the world. With about 20 years experience, SG solution has already setup a full range of color sorters for whole coffee bean processing. Our coffee sorting equipment will significantly enhance your coffee bean production process. You can use it to sort green coffee, Robusta coffee, Arabica coffee, and so on.


Single chute with 64 channels color sorting machine (0.5~1.0ton/h)


Two-chutes, 128 channels color sorting machine (1.0~1.5ton/h)


Three-chutes, 192 channels color sorting machine(1.5~2.0ton/h)


Four-chutes, 256 channels color sorting machine (2.0~2.5ton/h)


Five-chutes, 320 channels color sorting machine(2.5~3.0ton/h)


Two-chutes, 384 channels color sorting machine(3.5~4.0ton/h)
coffee bean

Acceptable Green Coffee Bean

5700px high-revolution cameras can find out the minimum Mildew down to 0.01mm2

Rejected Coffee Beans

It recognizes the foreign impurities by color and removes them with a fast ejector.

Baked Coffee Beans

Acceptable Baked Beans

It separates grain seeds based on their sizes, and it can pick out the full seeds with 99.99% accuracy.

Over-baked coffee beans

Over-baked Coffee Beans

It separates grain seeds based on their sizes, and it can pick out the full seeds with 99.99% accuracy.

Whether green coffee beans or roasted coffee beans, you can use the color sorter to select coffee beans with good color quality. SG coffee beans have a single screening accuracy of more than 99%.

You can use the color sorter to remove tiny beans and select coffee beans of the right size.

During the roasting process of coffee beans, there will be over-roasted coffee beans and under-roasted coffee beans. The SG color sorter can detect their subtle color differences and help you select good beans.

During coffee beans’ initial processing and transportation, various impurities, such as mildew, dehydrated pulp, and broken shells, are generated. The SG color sorter can distinguish them and remove them easily.

All You Need To Know About Coffee Bean Sorting

Coffee sorter machines are effective in removing inconsistencies in coffee beans. They help produce consistent output for all processing plant sizes. By doing so, you can achieve food safety standards and get purer quality coffee beans. You'll also be able to maximize processing productivity and business profitability.

Coffee sorting equipment is essential in the last coffee processing step. This process called coffee sorting removes the thin outer layers of dry skin. It also retains fruit residue from the dry coffee to make the end product.

You can use a coffee color sorter for various coffee bean types. For instance, sun-dried, roasted, semi, or fully washed coffee. In fact, this machine is also applicable for other raw materials. For example, grains, beans, nuts, plastics, minerals, condiments, seafood, to name a few.

Coffee Bean Sorting Case

How to improve the quality of coffee beans?

The main use of a coffee sorter machine is to recognize, sort, and grade coffee beans.

It can sort by color, type, or color and type. You'll find that it saves more costs and time in producing quality coffee beans. That is why coffee producers and processing farmers widely use it.

Besides, coffee processing plants use it to remove foreign materials or defective beans. For example, dark, light, discolored, moldy, sour, atrophic, insect-damaged, under, or over-roasted coffee. It will also get rid of impurities. For instance, glass, stones, plastic, sticks, excrement of insect corpses, etc.

A coffee sorter system also helps solve critical problems in coffee bean processing. You can prevent imperfect coffee while you produce quality coffee beans. The safety and hygiene of each batch of coffee beans are also better and more consistent.

Every coffee bean manufacturer has its own coffee roasting solutions. Using a coffee color sorter can create more dimensions in coffee flavor creation. It allows you to optimize the coffee bean properties according to your needs.

You can use a coffee color sorter to sort Arabica, Robusta, roasted coffee, green coffee. It is perfect for capsule, filter, espresso, instant coffee, ultrafine coffee, or others.

High Yield

You'll get more outputs with the high-resolution sensor and high-frequency solenoid valve. It has a high sorting capacity and produces a larger amount of end products for you.

Better Quality

Our machine that uses the InGaAs sorting technology makes precise sorting up to 99.9%. Besides, the belt-type color sorter uses a stable conveying belt. It can prevent breakage in the sorting process.

Simple Operation

SG Sorter makes intelligence-oriented coffee color sorters. These machines are easily operated and learn fast with big data and cloud storage. The AI monitoring data and settings also improve efficiency and production.


There is no need to use manual labor sorting that is time-consuming and inconsistent. You can reduce labor and operation costs by utilizing a coffee color sorter.

Warranty Guarantee

24 Months Warranty

You'll enjoy free accessories changing service during the warranty no matter which reasons cause the problem.

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CE Approved

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