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Color sorters are supported by a variety of accessories that are essential to efficient functioning. They may increase the throughput and efficiency of your sorting process.

You should get the appropriate components for your industry, material type, and total output. This will only help you maximize your return on investment on a color sorter.

They come with a few components which you should be aware of:


  • Hopper
  • Output pipes
  • Toolkit
  • Air compressor
  • Air tank

Optional / Recommended

  • Platform
  • Material elevator system
  • Air dryer
  • Air filter

Basic Accessories

These accessories are necessary for the machine to function. It is unlikely you can properly sort material without them.


Hoppers are the first part of a color sorting machine, forming a large container for raw materials to be poured into.


Our hoppers are made from food-safety approved #304 stainless steel. An appropriately-sized hopper is included with every SG Color Sorting machine.

Custom sizes are available upon request. This can be useful for high-capacity operations. However, we would recommend adding conveyor and elevator systems to improve efficiency.

Hopper On Color Sorter

Output pipes

Simply put, output pipes will spit out sorted material in your chosen direction.

Output Pipes

output pipes

The pipes are essential for larger multi-chute machines. They will give you the freedom to customize the way your sorting is done. It is often used to send rejected material for a second or even third sorting.

To make full use of these output pipes you will need to invest in a good platform to lift the sorting machines.




A set of basic tools that you will need to maintain and operate our color sorting machines. It comes with a few small replacement parts. Additional replacements can be ordered through our email.


Toolkit Box

Air Compressor

The air compressor is the first important component of a color sorter system. It takes outside air and compresses it and can be stored in an air tank. The compressed air is then used for the rejection system. You must get the correct compressor for the best performance.

air compressor

Air Compressor

Why do I need a good air compressor?

The color sorting rejection system uses tiny blasts of air to push away rejected material into the reject bin. If the pressure is not high enough, fewer rejects get rejected. If the air is not dry or filtered, the sorting machine has a reduced lifespan.

When deciding on an air compressor, you must first determine your required capacity and pressure:

  • Capacity determines how much air can be compressed at one time.
  • Pressure determines how strong the air can be blown.

These factors are used to calculate the compressor’s total output of air, measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM).

Simply put, your compressor’s CFM must equal to or exceed the total CFM required by your sorting machines. If you have multiple machines, you need to add them all up.

Don’t worry, we have calculated the maximum CFM each machine needs. This information is located in our product datasheet, or you can ask us directly via phone or email.

We recommend buying an air compressor locally for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting. However, you can still order the compressor from us if you prefer a one-stop-shop. We will be happy to recommend minimum accessory specs for your order of color sorting machine.

Air Tank

air tank

Air Tank

The air tank holds compressed air that is used by the ejection system. You need to have an air tank to add an extra level of consistency to the sorting.

It works just like water tanks at home: If you have just a water pump, you would need to wait for the pump to push water through the pipes before it reaches you. With a tank, you get the water immediately.

Sorting machines can go through tons of material per hour. It’s important to ensure the machines have enough high-pressure air at all times. Otherwise, you will waste time re-sorting material due to higher numbers of rejects.

Optional And Recommended Components

These additional components are not necessary for the basic color sorting function. Adding them will increase efficiency and extend machine lifespan.


Work Platform Type A

Work Platform Type A

Platforms are built to hold your sorting machines at an elevation. It’s essential for high-capacity throughput. It will open up customization and mechanization options for sorting.

By elevating the machines you will be able to install output pipes and chute elevators. These extra elements reduce the need for manual refilling or redirecting of output.

You can even add conveyor belts to the output pipes for further efficiency.

We offer two types of platforms:

  • Type A: Stainless steel feet that raise the sorter by about half a meter
  • Type B: Stainless steel gantry custom made to fit your machines. An optional second floor can be installed for hopper maintenance and inspection

We can provide standard construction drafts for both of these platforms. Sourcing a local steelworker will be the best value for money.

Layout For platform custom

Layout of Workplatform

Material elevator system

Material elevators transport raw or sorted materials upwards to input hoppers. The raw material is dumped into the input area and is then brought up by buckets.

They are useful for high-throughput sorting machines. They are necessary for machines that are raised because they allow for easy material loading. No need to walk upstairs with heavy materials!

We offer two styles of elevators:

  • Belt-bucket conveyor

This type of elevator is an open-air kind. It is more suitable for fragile products such as tea leaves. The elevator is slower since it is not enclosed, which ensures the product isn’t damaged.

Because of its open nature, maintenance is easier. Do consider floor space as this type is wider than Type B.

  • Type B: Enclosed bucket elevator
Enclosed bucket elevator

Enclosed elevators can run at a much higher speed than Type A conveyors. The enclosure will keep material from flying off the buckets. This means it is more suitable for hardy materials such as grain and seed.

The elevators come with several panels that can be opened for maintenance. Maintenance is also reduced because the moving parts are protected.

Elevator and Hopper

Elevator and Hopper

You should source elevators locally for easier maintenance and troubleshooting. However, we also offer custom-built elevators if you want.

Air dryer

The air dryer dries the air coming from the air tank. We recommend using one because dry air provides more precision to the ejection system.

Why is moist airless precise? Air that has moisture is heavier and thicker. Therefore it is slower to jet out. The water particles may also condense in the sorting machine; this reduces lifespan and the quality of the material.

Air filter

In the same way that air dryers keep the machine functioning well, air filters remove impurities and dust from the air. This extends the machine’s lifespan. It also prevents small particles from blocking the small (4.75mm) rejection nozzles in the machine.


We hope you understand how each component functions and why they are important to proper color sorting.

While you are recommended to get local suppliers for any of these items, we can be a one-stop-shop for all your color sorting accessory needs. We ship worldwide.

Please email or call us with any questions you have! We are happy to answer all inquiries about our products.

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