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Industries that aim to deliver premium-quality products use Color sorting machines. Color sorting machines have been around for decades. Now, with the advancement in technology, they now offer better sorting techniques. The agricultural industry uses color sorters for sorting grains based on color differences.

What is a Color Sorter Used for?
A Color Sorter machine uses the principle of sorting to segregate items. It sorts the best products from the low-quality items. They are also known as optical sorters and digital sorters. A color sorter is an automatic sorting machine. Manual labor takes a longer time in sorting. Color sorters save labor and improve efficiency. These machines provide precision sorting. In advanced sorters, the smallest detection area is 0.01mm2. It points out contamination even in fine grains/seeds like mustard and sesame seeds.

Which Industries Make Use of the Color Sorter?
The food industry is the largest sector that makes use of the color sorting solution. Your color sorting machine:

saves time
saves labor
improves efficiency
lowers the costs of bulk processing
The major industries that make use of the Color Sorter are as follows:

1. Agricultural and food industry
2. Diamond industry
3. Mining industry
4. Plastic recycling industry

Agricultural and Food Industry
Grains and Pulses

Grains-Wheat, oats, rice, corn, rye, millet, quinoa, and barley
Pulses-Beans, Peas, chickpeas, lentils
A color sorter will separate contaminated stuff to deliver uniform food grains. These premium-quality grains meet market standards. An advanced color sorter identifies and cleans infestation like Ergot in wheat. The chute-type color sorter sorts grains, cereals, and pulses.

Peanuts Sorting Result

Peanuts Sorting Result

Materials in bulk are loaded into the chute sorter. The machine scans the grains as they slide down. The machine has scanners on both sides. The color sorter segregates the grains based on predefined parameters like color composition. All impurities are also removed.

pistachio sorting result

pistachio sorting result

Rice is one of the biggest markets of color sorter machines. The rice sorter separates the grains of rice, based on their color differences. These abnormalities include chalky and yellow rice, impurities, half-husked rice, and bad rice. Shell the paddy into rice, you can pass it through the color sorting machine.

The mechanical sorter has a high-resolution optical CCD sensor that identifies the anomalies. Once the rice travels on the chutes, the CCD sensors scan the grains. When the camera detects color anomalies, the ejectors open the nozzles. These nozzles are connected to the valves of compressed air. The compressed air removes the heterochromatic particles from the standard rice. The output is premium-quality rice grain.

Food processing and beverages
This category includes products:

Oil crops
Dry fruits
A color sorter machine will help you in providing high-value food items to your customers. Spices like pepper, cumin, and coriander are an indispensable part of our kitchen. High-grade spices are essential for healthy cooking. Spices contain impurities. A robust spices color sorter will sort the premium products from the low variety.

While sorting delicate food items, exercise some caution to ensure minimal damage. Items like tea leaves can get spoiled. Hence your Tea Color Sorting machine meets certain standards of tea sorting. The herb color sorter analyses and eliminates infested and discolored herbs. You can use the premium herbs for selling. The belt-type color sorter machine sorts the expensive dry fruits.

Diamond Industry
The diamond industry employs skilled manual labor for the sorting and evaluation of diamonds. Sometimes, low-quality genuine-looking diamonds can get the better of skilled analysts. In this case, a Diamond Color Sorter is a very effective device.

diamond and Color Sorter

diamond and Color Sorter

Diamond color sorting machines define the color of a rough or polished stone. It then sorts the stones based on their quality.

Color machines work by measuring the wavelength of ultralight transmitted through the diamond. They identify the minute differences in wavelength. Different wavelengths correspond to different colors of the rainbow. The diamonds are then categorized. 3D imaging sensors are fitted in advanced color sorting solutions. They identify minute impurities in the stone.

diamond sorting process
diamond sorting process

Mining Industry
Color sorting solutions improve recovery and provide high-quality material in the mining sector. The color sorter is equipped with a high-resolution camera. It can identify rocks based on certain color parameters. The rocks with contamination are identified and separated. They are segregated based on color criteria. A reliable color sorter will provide the purest forms of the product. This helps in building trust and better profits.

Plastic Recycling Industry
Color sorters are used to scan plastic materials for recycling. The optical color sorter identifies the various categories of plastic PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET, PS, ABS. Based on their color and specific properties, the machine sorts the plastic. Advanced color sorters can sort PET flakes based on color and material. This aids in improving the quality of the recycled PET product output.

What kind of Color Sorter should I use in my industry?
There are two basic kinds of color sorters:

The chute-type color sorter-The chute-type color sorter is useful for sorting grains and cereals. The products move downwards.
The chute-type color sorter is used where:

bulk production is involved
the lower price of goods
more breakage
Example- rice, grains, plastic flakes.

Belt-type color sorter– The products move sideways in a belt-type sorter.
The belt-type sorter provides:

Smooth movement of products
Stability during movement
Less breakage
Example- Nuts

As I wrap up…
With competition in every field, you have to use reliable techniques that help you stay ahead in the game. The new advanced color sorters are faster, with camera optics and integrated circuitry. You can now achieve higher levels of productivity for food and agricultural items. Industries are using automatic color sorters to replace manual sorting. Color sorters improve business efficiency. Supply your clients with premium-quality products for better customer satisfaction.

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