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If you’re looking to buy a high-quality color sorter machine in Canada, this is the right place for you! We’re bringing you this article to help you pick the right machine for your factory. Like you probably already know, a color sorter is an optical machine that is widely used in food processing industries to help differentiate between different items based on their colors. This practice helps separate the standard items from substandard ones. It removes a lot of manual labor needed for the job as well. Since it can be of such great use, it is no surprise that you are looking for one too, which is why we’re here to help you! How Does a Color Sorter Work? Optical color sorters use a high-resolution CCD optical sensor to drive a solenoid valve, which then helps differentiate different items from a bulk based on their color differences. It basically uses photoelectric technology to undergo this job.
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    Types of Color Sorters


    Color sorters are mainly divided into two different categories: chute-type color sorters, and belt-type color sorters.

    The chute-type color sorter requires the items to slide down a chute with the help of gravity. This vertical and harsh motion sometimes even causes the items to collide and break during the process.
    The other type, which is the belt-type color sorters, eliminates the issue of breakage and damage during differentiation. This is because this process mainly keeps the items in a rather static state.

    Main Parts of a Color Sorter
    Although there are two very distinct types of color sorters present, both of them have very similar functioning and hence always consist of the following main parts.
    Feeding system
    Optical detection system
    Signal processing system
    Separation execution system
    If you need help picking the right color sorter to suit your needs, then Color Sorter Specialist will be of great help to you!
    Why Should You Buy a Color Sorter Machine?
    If you are looking for a color sorter machine, you already know how great it can be for your business. Nonetheless, if you’re confused about whether you really need one, we’re here to clear that out for you.
    It can differentiate between the colors of different items in a bulk.
    Color sorters do their job without using any chemicals in the process, hence no harmful and artificial additives are present in the end result products.
    It can look up a material’s purity, such as for diamonds. They even help reduce the cost of production for minerals and ores.
    It helps remove impurities from consumable end products. Hence, it prevents people from consuming contaminated or harmful food products accidentally.
    Color sorters are one of the greatest technological inventions that we benefit from today.
    Without them, we would either be consuming food full of impurities with no standard or quality set, or would be spending a lot of manpower separating each healthy grain from a substandard one.
    Neither option seems rational, although that’s how life used to be without color sorters!
    Hence, with color sorters today, the job has been made much easier as we can now separate items of not only different colors, but also sizes and densities from bulks.
    Industrial Applications of a Color Sorter Machine (In Canada)
    Color sorter machines are most commonly used in Canadian food processing industries, such as agriculture. But they’re also quite commonly used in several other industries such as plastic and mining.
    Some of the uses of color sorters used in Canada today include the following purposes.
    Plastic sorting – such as separating mixed-color plastic granules or flakes, especially in the recycling industry.
    Mining sorting – such as cleaning the impurities of several ores, stones, minerals, and sand products, etc.
    Grains sorting – such as cleaning Fusarium grains and making them non-poisonous.
    Pulses sorting – such as differentiating between green peas, green lentils, and other pulses, etc.
    Seeds sorting – such as removing defected seeds, weed, and broken seeds, separating brown flax from yellow flax, or wild oats from oats, or Canola from yellow mustard, etc.
    Nuts and Teas sorting – such as leaf sorting, or coffee beans sorting.
    Considering the demand of the state, we highly recommend that you purchase the belt-type color sorters Color Sorting Machine SG600 and Optical Sorting Machine SG1200 to meet your maximum needs.
    The other great options for you would include SG7 Optical Separator and SG8 Automatic Sorting Machine from the chute-type color sorters.
    How to Buy a Color Sorter From a Factory
    SG is the largest China-based professional color sorter manufacturer. Whether you need a belt-type color sorter or prefer the chute-type color sorter, SG can provide you with a good color sorter to fit your factory’s needs.
    We have a wide variety of efficient color sorting machines for grains, dry fruits, coffee, beans, etc.
    The company has supplied color sorting machines to over 100 clients in 26 countries for 15 years now. In all these years, we have maintained their quality standards.
    Shipment Services
    The business is located in China, but shipment is not your problem to deal with!
    We’ll transport the color sorter of your choice to your factory’s doorstep. The color sorter will then be installed in your place and only on-spot commission will be taken.
    With the price that our color sorters come in, our installation services are a great bonus to your purchase.
    With on-site assembly and installation of the color sorter machine of your choice, SG also provides you with trained professional engineers to teach you the usage of the machines until you get used to it yourself.
    Not only that, but SG also provides online troubleshooting plans and online monitoring to its clients.
    Wrapping it Up
    Investing in a color sorting machine can be a tough decision to make, but we assure you that it’s worth the money.
    With SG as your trusted partner, all your color sorting related problems will be dealt with without an issue!

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