What is A Color Sorter Used For?

SG color sorter offers an intelligent optical sorting solution to solid materials whose sizes range from 0.1mm to 100mm. It could solve many challenging problems that traditional sorting equipment meets, including:

  • The Weights of the material and the impurities are close, and it isn’t easy to separate them each by weight;
  • How to pick out full granular or broken granular from the raw materials? Color sorter could divide the materials based on their sizes, shapes, and colors;
  • How to improve sorting accuracy? And the once sorting accuracy of the machine could be up to 90%+;

A color sorter is also called a color sorting machine or an optical sorting machine. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) sorting machine to sort granular materials. You’ll always find them in food processing, plastic recycling field, and more.
Color Sorter separates the materials by color, size, shape, and type.
This machine is a game-changer in the sorting field, as it enhances sorting efficiency and lowers labor costs.

Color Sorter

Effectively remove the impurities and solve the moldy seeds problem during the processing.

  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Peanuts
  • Beans(Soybeans, Broad beans, Mung Beans, Peas…)
  • Coffee Beans
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Sesame
  • Flaxseed, Rapeseed, etc.

Separate the fruit and outer shell, and remove all possible impurities.

  • Cashew
  • Walnut
  • Dehydrated Fruit
  • Macadamia, Pistachios
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Pepitas
  • Pecans
  • Almonds
  • Hazelnuts

Pick out green tea leave or black tea leave, and remove foreign impurities, and stem. Also available for other types of leave sorting.

  • Tea Leaves
  • Tobacco Leaves
  • Dehydrated Vegetables
  • Dehydrated Fruit

Separate the dried fish, shrimp, and others by their color, and size.

  • Shrimp
  • Shrimp Skin

Divide the plastic granular or flakes by their color, or pick a specific type of plastic, for example, PET.

  • PP
  • PVC
  • PC
  • ABS
  • PET

Pick out good shapes, and remove foreign impurities based on color differences.

  • Pepper
  • Chili
  • Garlic
  • Nutmeg
  • Clove
  • Cumin
  • Mustard
  • Poppyseed

Separate the ore or stone by size and color.

  • Coal
  • Ore
  • Stone
  • Quartz
  • Powder
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2nd Generation AI Color Sorters

The second generation of SG artificial intelligence color sorter combines more black technology to make the sorting effect more accurate and easier to operate.


Single chute with 64 channels color sorting machine (0.5~1.0ton/h)


Two-chutes, 128 channels color sorting machine (1.0~1.5ton/h)


Three-chutes, 192 channels color sorting machine(1.5~2.0ton/h)


Four-chutes, 256 channels color sorting machine (2.0~2.5ton/h)


Five-chutes, 320 channels color sorting machine(2.5~3.0ton/h)


Two-chutes, 384 channels color sorting machine(3.5~4.0ton/h)


Eight-chutes, 512 channels color sorting machine(4.0~4.5ton/h)


Ten-chutes, 640 channels color sorting machine(5.0~5.5ton/h)


Twelve-chutes, 768 channels color sorting machine(6.0~6.5ton/h)

More Types For Various Requests

Besides chute-type color sorter, SG also provides options to meet your various sorting requests. No matter light materials, or materials that color is close, you can find a machine solution in our list.

Chute-type Color Sorter

As our main product, chute-type colors sorters are economical and widely applicable. Whether agriculture seeds, ore, or plastic flakes, they could assist you in removing the impurities and separating the materials by color. 
Belt Color Sorter

Belt-type Color Sorter

Belt-type color sorters have a horizontal conveyor belt that prevents the materials from dropping damage. If you want to sort light, fragile materials such as chips, tea leaves, then they are your best options.

Multi-stage Color Sorter

Multi-stage Color Sorter

Multi-stage color sorters own two or three, even four layers of sorting units, which support multiple sorting processes at a time. And this type color sorters are suitable for Leaves and dehydrated materials.

CCD Color Sorter

CCD Color Sorter

CCD color sorter is also called color sorter with CCD cameras. It may be a belt, a chute, or multi-stage construction. As an ordinary lens, CCD Camera could only record the information of materials' visible lights. You just use it to separate materials by color, shape, and size, not materials' types.

InGaAS Color Sorter For Nuts Sorting

InGaAs Color Sorter

InGaAs color sorter is a new generation product, and it adds multiple rows of Infrared lenses on a CCD color sorter. The machine may have higher accuracy than others, and the most important is that it can also separate the materials based on their types.

Optical Sorting Benefits

Optical sorting is how we classify foods into various categories according to their measurable physical properties. It is a process to ensure consistent quality in the end products.

Separate Materials By Color

Color sorters are intensively effective in sorting materials of different colors. Rice, grains, millets, and cereals are examples you might need to sort based on colors.

Separate Materials By Shapes

Sorting by shape is very useful to classify food like tea leaves and seafood. You can set the parameters you want and let the machine do the work.

Separate Materials By Sizes

It is prevalent to sort foods by size. In general, a color sorter can sort products by sizes of 0.1mm to 100mm.

Separate Materials By Types

In some cases, you might need to sort materials by their types. For example, plastic recycling is the main use.

color sorter working principle

How does a color sorter work?

To understand how a color sorter works effectively, you must understand its primary structure. Generally speaking, color sorters consist of four central systems:

  • A Feeding System
  • An Optical Detection System
  • A Signal Processing System
  • A Separation Execution System

The critical component of the feeding system is the vibrator, which can ensure that the material enters the screening system evenly. Only the materials do not impede each other, and the machine can get clear images.

The optical system is mainly composed of industrial lenses, which can record the surface color properties of the material.

The signal processing system will read out the color, shape, size, and even the type of each material according to the reflected light information. By comparing the preset parameter ranges, the system can decide to keep or reject.

The main component of the separation system is the air valve. The separation system changes the movement of the material by releasing the compressed air to realize the instruction of retaining or removing the material.

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