Capability: 1.0~1.2 ton/h
Accuracy: >99.9%
Power: 0.5~0.8kw/h


Capability: 1.5~2.0 ton/h
Accuracy: >99.9%
Power: 1.3~2.2kw/h


Capability: 2.5~3.0 ton/h
Accuracy: >99.9%
Power: 2.2~3.7kw/h


Capability: 3.0~3.5 ton/h
Accuracy: >99.9%
Power: 2.6~4.4kw/h


Capability: 4.0~4.5 ton/h
Accuracy: >99.9%
Power: 3.6~5.0kw/h


Capability: 5.0~5.5 ton/h
Accuracy: >99.9%
Power: 4.4~6.4kw/h
Grain Color Sorter

Sort Grain Precisely Like Human Do

Sort grain seeds by color, shape, and size.

Most foreign impurities are hard to remove in a traditional way like by their gravity, such as sand, glass, pest, and more. Color sorter recognizes the foreign impurities by color, just like your eyes. You can use it to remove their color differences.

Aflatoxin is a common disease on most grain seeds. The InGaAs cameras can slightly distinguish between moldy seeds and good seeds.

Sort grain by size and shape will help you find full-size seeds.

Unique InGaAs technology could recognize the impurities and seeds by analyzing their infrared waves. You can use it to remove the husk and stem in wheat and oat processing.

Are you looking for a suitable sorting solution for your grains mixture? SG has a complete optical sorting solution for all kinds of grains such as corn, wheat, bean, seeds, nuts, and even unnamed grains.

SG grain color sorter is also referred to as a grain sorting machine. It could help you overcome two core food safety challenges.

  • Problems with grain surface lesions and impurities in food
  • How to separate full seeds, under-filled seeds, and shrinking seeds

Every SG Grain Color Sorter will work on many types of grains. That means you can sort all solid materials with one color sorter. Each sorting solution is a row of data, and you can ask the machine the remember all solutions you want.

SG Grain Sorter achieves sorting and grading by collecting and analyzing the color information of the crop. The color and saturation information reflected by different crop seeds is different. It can fully reflect the shape, size, and color of the crop. The whole process of sorting is like humans distinguishing the grains through their own eyes.

Different from human sorting, the efficiency of mechanical sorting will be greatly improved. Single Sorting Chute can processor sort about 1.5 ton per hour and the machine can run automatically for 24 hours a day. And you can custom different sorting capacities according to your requests.

Whether you are a small farmer or a large processing plant, the grain color sorter can bring you a lot of benefits. For example, reducing the cost of manual sorting, saving time, obtaining high-quality agricultural products, and so on. SG insists to provide a suitable and affordable sorting solution.

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The Ultimate Grain Color Sorter Buying Guide

There is a new crushing technique right now that helps to sort your items by color difference. Color sorting equipment helps you to detect the color of the products and separate them from the raw material using mechanical ejection devices. In this guide, you’re going to learn how granular things are sorted by grain color sorter Best part? Every process of sorting is according to the customer’s requirements. Let’s jump in to find out more about grain color sorter

Chapter 1: What is Color Sorter?

A grain color sorter is a machine that helps you to separate unwanted material with high sorting accuracy. That might sound complicated but it isn’t. Grain color sorted simply analyze, grade, and sort the granular particles according to the requirement.

What is the color sorter machine?

Color sorters or color sorting machine is equipment to classify items by their color difference using high-resolution CCD optical sensors.

grain color sorter with five chutes

Figure: SG Hot Grain Color Sorter with Five Chutes

You can use grain color sorter in food processing industries like wheat, rice, etc. Color sorters are the final stop of the products before packing. These machines work on vision-based sensors using a monochromatic or dichromatic high-resolution camera, sensitive ejectors, and efficient software which monitors the whole operation. Let’s check what magic color sorting machines perform to classify products from raw material.

Functions perform by grain color sorting machine

As you can see above color sorting machines help you to classify your products to increase your business revenue. Now the question arises in mind how grain color sorter process the food items.

  • First sorting items loaded in the feed hopper
  • It starts moving along the vibrating plates
  • After vibrating the plate, it moves to the sloping chute
  • High-resolution CCD cameras keenly check and grade the products
  • On the other hand, rejected items departed by the relevant ejectors in the grain color sorter.

In fact, this is the most efficient & precise way of sorting items with the color difference.

The color sorter mechanical structure

Do you know about the components included in the Grain color sorter? No? Don’t worry keep reading main components are the vibrating feeder, chute slide, light, feed hopper, background plate, CCD high-resolution camera, nozzle, air compressor, filters, and air purifiers, and ejectors. You know feeding hopers transfer the grains to vibratory feeders.

grain color sorter structureFigure: Color Sorter Structure

And the most interesting thing is vibration automatically arranges the granular particles in row or quo. With the constant speed of vibration, it accelerates through the chutes and falls into the detection sorting area. If you want to sort your products precisely the place with CCD high-resolution sensor helps to detect colors correctly.

Another important feature whenever you’ve humidity in your grains it may affect the color selection accuracy during the sorting process. Here area heater and fine drying system to remove humidity from grains.

Color sorter machine technology

Most people thought grain color sorter is really difficult to use but they’re wrong. Grain color sorter is an analog-based system that support digital processing. I already told you approximately all units are monochromatic or dichromatic and it’s totally based on manufacturers. Instead of using color lines grain, color sorter works with the signals coming from lighter or darker material flowing through the machine.

You must remember the color sorting machine have no understanding of the actual color of grains but monochromatic sorting works with contrast or black & white colors. At first monochromatic color sorter machine has an additional feature like NIR or InGaAs cameras. But some people referred to this technology as bi-chromatic sorters.

And these color sorter machines are also called dual-wavelength visible spectrum sorters. Although this looks like a dream in the future color sorting machines will work with actual color imaging. Machines will be able to detect red, green, and blue colors instead of black & white. And most interestingly future machines will detect human eye structure abs recognize 16 million colors.

Photoelectrical technology

Can you guess how many features are included in photoelectric technology? Well, if you guessed that’s great. That’s a lot but I want to share some of the highlights.

  • The cool high-resolution CCD image acquisition system
  • Light source- high quality
  • Unique slot configuration
  • Updated feeding system
  • The super processing power of the DSP+FPGA chip
  • The high-quality solenoid valve
  • Flexible mode and wide application scope
  • Easy to operate system configuration

Technically this is the most scientific but reasonable sorting system design which processes smoothly with the most intelligent algorithm.

How a color sorting machine works

You know the popular grain color sorter in the market CCD type color sorter and optical color sorters. The way you sort the products from the raw material is the color difference between good grains and bad grains. Are you ready to learn the working principle of grain color sorter? If so, then carry on reading.

color sorter working principle

First of all, the grain color sorter machine converts photo signals to electronic signals to detect good or bad products. You need to adjust the specific degree of electronic current to make granular particles safe. If you provide a safe limit of current then grains will successfully fall down to the accepted plates.

But if you provide a dangerous level of current the ejector will be driven to the outside panel, where all unwanted material arrived.

Features and advantages of grain color sorter

There are countless advantages of grain color sorter, out there so where do you start?

Let’s look at the product yield, quality assurance, and high-performance productivity. SG grain color sorter is the first choice for the exceptional level of grain sorting.


How can you know which ones to focus on first? The reality is that you will never estimate the advantages and benefits of grain color sorter equipment.

Even if you don’t focus on everything but still, get amazing results after processing by SG grain color sorter. Just take a look at some of the features:

Improving food safety and providing high-quality grains

SG grain color sorter provides great safety for eatable items. You can get the most protected grains by removing pollutants like Fusarium. And also SG optical sorter helps to provide high-quality end products like rice, flour, etc.

Delivering the highest capacity solutions

Do you know what’s the maximum limit of capacities of grain color sorter? Normally SG color sorter can be combined in series to improve the capacity requirement.

Increased productivity and lower operational costs

The most amazing feature is a better Graphical User Interface that enables fast production with efficiency. SG grain color sorter will minimize the consumed area; it takes very small space instead of larger mechanical cleaners.

Chapter 2:  Why color sorter & which grains sort by SG color sorter machine.

§  Why do grains need a color sorting process?

Most of the time reputable companies want to deliver high-quality grains without any hazardous effects.

How can you get secure, reliable grains?

As I mentioned above, sorting companies use modern sorting technologies (grain color sorter) to sort products with the highest level of quality.

The first step you need to follow is a mechanical sorting process to remove large contaminants like stones.

Above all, optical sorting systems deal with the more complex material. Never underestimate the hazards of ergot.

You must keep in your mind a deep cleaning process is required to secure properly.

If you’re in trouble dealing with this problem don’t worry and choose specific gravity separators.

Ultimately there’re reasons given below that answer your question

  • Precise detection with a high-resolution sensor
  • Removal of impurities
  • User-friendly operation and improved Graphical User Interface GUI.
  • Reliable operations
  • High capacity supported
  • Optimization of the downstream

§  List of grains

It’s important that you must know about the grains SG sort with grain color sorter. Grains are normally referred to as cereals and most of the grains are edibles like wheat, oat, and rice. Let’s check some of the grains:

Above all grains need to be sorted by the grain color sorter and cleaned by the color sorter grain cleaner to improve the quality of the product.


Chapter 3: How to find the best Sorting Solutions

Let’s discuss something to find the best equipment. This’s the fact variety of equipment made in China.

Interestingly all business people visit China if they want to find suitable equipment. However, you are worried about finding the quality machinery?

Don’t worry let’s read this chapter; we’ll help you to find the best equipment according to your requirements.

1)     By Google Searching

You know the world these days revolve around technology.

It’s really convenient to find a solution to every problem from the internet. Start searching from Google, because this’s the most reliable search engine.

To find the best equipment you’ll need to use the right keywords such as seed color sorter, and rice color sorter.

You can check virtual reviews if you are far away from the location.

Google Searching shortcut

Remember that you need to choose the equipment with the best rating.

As such, you’ll need to check everything about the equipment and be satisfied with your requirements. Keep one thing in your mind always take help from the third party.

SG provides the best sorting solution according to your requirement.

I)      B2B Sourcing Platforms

It’s pretty interesting and nice that the internet is a source of information about any sorting product.

For you that are looking for seed color sorter or grain color sorter in China, the internet might be the place. So start from the B2B (Business to Business) sourcing platforms.


If you want to find the best equipment then try specific keywords. If you don’t have exact ideas then try description or relevant search terms. is a platform where you can get information about different types of electronics, machinery, and other products. Check reviews and ratings of the product then finalize your decision to buy any equipment.


The place, you can get complete information about your required equipment like grain color sorter.

All the relevant products display right after entering a search term like plastic color sorter, grain color sorter, color separator, grain processing machine, and tea color sorter.

You can get an approximate idea of price ranges of different products from In this way, you can get high-quality, accurate and updated design color sorter machine for rice and grain.

iii) Best Exhibition of grain color sorter

China Canton Fair

China Canton Fair

China’s import and export fair known as Canton Fair.

Get ready to visit the world’s largest fair with the largest variety of things. The most interesting fact is this is the place where foreigners come to buy heavy machinery and different equipment at a reasonable price.

The greatest business revenue is earned in Guangzhou (Canton), with approximately 20,000 vendors, and the same number of buyers attend this fair twice a year.

If you want to buy grain color sorter from the live exhibition you can visit fair phase 1. China Canton Fair is divided into three phases in phase 1 you can get electronic products, construction materials, and industrial products.

However, in phase 2 and phase 3 you can get grocery items, furniture, footwear, bags, and medicines.

So this advice for you to visit phase 1 for buying the best grain color sorter.You can check the China Canton Fair Calendar and finalize your visit to get color sorter machinery. You can check the time schedule of the fair:

  • Phase 1: 15th-19th April 2019 9:30-18:00

·         World Ag Expo2019

World Ag Expo is the largest agricultural fair trade. About 1500 exhibitors show their latest farming equipment in specific spaces.

You will find different training sessions here about farming ways, dairy products, and agribusiness.

If you want to start an agricultural business never miss this show and boost up your business with the expert’s opinion, However, the registration fee for the World Ag Expo 2019 starts from 15$.


You know AGRITECHNICA is the world’s number 1 exhibition of agricultural techniques.

If you want to make your future bright in the agricultural industry try some innovative products and cutting-edge solutions.

You must visit the AGRITECHNICA trade fair and find technology-rich equipment, and get knowledge about energy saving cultivation process.

Above all, you can find all components & accessories of agricultural machinery especially grain color sorter and color sorter grain cleaner in this fair.

12th time there is AGRITECHNICA exhibition for 7 days will be held from 10-11-2019 to 16-11-2019 in Hanover.

·         Canada’s Farm Progress Show

From the last10+ years of the agricultural industry, I can tell you there is a moment when you’re full-up of motivation.

About 40,000 exhibitors from different countries visit Canada’s Farm Progress Show to encourage innovative ideas, knowledge of agricultural equipment, and how to grow your crop on a low budget.

You can visit different websites & exhibitions and check reviews about agricultural equipment, hope you will find SG best according to your requirements.

Chapter 4: Best manufacturer of grain color sorter

Do you know who the manufacturers are that lead this industry? No? That’s no problem let’s read this chapter to find out the best grain color sorter manufacturers in the world: These all companies have their own worth in sorting in the way of high performance, smooth operating system, less maintenance, and robust construction.

1.      Buhler Optical Sorting company

Buhler sorting company provides an optical solution for the food and non-food processing industry.

This is one of the world’s most trusted brands that deal with high-tech equipment and sorts seeds, wheat, rice, and other granular particles accurately.

Buhler sorting solution is a new innovative, advanced, and upgraded solution but quite very expensive and unreachable for the common farmers.

Because this company totally deals with high-tech cameras, sensors & machinery, InGas technology, and profile TM technology with high-pressure ejectors which are unaffordable for everyone in the market.

2.      Satake Optical sorting system

Satake group of companies use limited shape and size sorting tools. This company offers different types of sorting equipment but all are specific in ranges according to capacity, size, and machine dimensions.

The interface of the operating system is not as common user can understand but provide precise and quality products as the end result. In a comparison of the Buhler sorting solution Stake is very less innovative and creative.

3.      SG

If you want to choose the best sorting solution focus here SG is a leading company in China with 15 years of professional experience.

SG provides different types of color sorting solutions with highly efficient machinery, technology-based CCD cameras, high-speed ejectors, and the maximum capacity for sorting products. Above all, SG provides this quality service at a very affordable price.

If you’re not sure just check SG work they served in 26 countries and never compromised on safety standards and quality assurance.

If you’re confusing how to ship and install the equipment, then feel free to approach the company and get a free installation and training session.

The most amazing thing is the one-year warranty offer with repairing; you can get spare parts of grain color sorter at a reasonable price with SG.


Chapter 5:  Available types of grain color sorter in China

A question must be in your mind about why we insist to use a color sorter. Just wait and understand the main purpose of color sorters.

Here we want to share for the people who are unaware, that color sorters are equipment that is mostly used to process in our bulk food industries.

Items on the production line of the food industry are sorted by colors with fast detection method and using mechanical ejectors to reject items whose colors don’t fall within the preset range.

I think now you can better understand why we use color sorter machines.

Now another question will arise in your mind according to your requirement, how many types of color sorters are available to buy?

Grain color sorter used for all kinds of grains like rice, tea, peanuts, wheat, sunflower, etc. If you want to get the precise answer don’t wait let’s check:

·         The belt type color sorting machine

In belt type, color sorting machine products move on the belt. Now the question is how to belt type color sorter works, first, all items have been fed into the hopper.

Material is transferred from one side to another. You can get color data with speedy and high-resolution cameras, and all material that does not meet accuracy criteria rejects on the exit side.

This is the basic process of working through which materials are sorted in a belt-type color sorter.

If you’re ready to buy a belt-type color sorting machine then keep in your mind that it provides better performance instead of chute-type color sorters.

Let us tell you why you choose to do so:

1-     Wider Application Range

Chute type color sorters normally offer limited conditions, because chute sorters are designed according to the size and shape of the material. Belt sorters are not limited, offer multiple applications and this affects sorting efficiency the most.

2-     Higher Sorting accuracy

A most amazing feature of the belt type color sorter is the easy transmission of the material with the belt structure.

You know this machine designed according to the user’s comfort and requirement.

Belt type color sorting technique is also used in seed color sorters and rice color sorters. Belt-type color sorter ensures higher sorting precision and low carryover ratio.

·         The chute type color sorting machine

The fact you never neglect is chute type color sorter is specified for foodstuff, it is most suitable when you want to sort grains.

Chute sorters are designed with special channels totally based on the type of material, size, and shapes.

So, if you consider grain color sorter 5mm chutes are used for rice, wheat, and granular particles. Plastic flakes, water, and milk bottles are sorted by flat chute color sorter.

Let’s check some of the features of the Chute color sorting machine:

  • Most amazing thing is to sort material according to color and shape at the same time.
  • The best thing is to separate rejected things from the raw material.


·         Optical color sorter machine

Whenever you want to get any type of color sorter make sure it’s hygienic for your food items.

Where you need to fulfill quality standards, the optical color sorter is the most preferable equipment.

The sorting machinery that based on updated tech solutions, high-pressure ejectors, and CCD high-resolution cameras.

Optical color sorting equipment always provides you the highest yield and matchless quality of products.

·         Chilli color sorter

Chilli color sorter deals with dried red chili, chili seeds, pepper seeds, and bell peppers.

This machine installed in a customer’s factory and its High-resolution cameras detects colorful skin and green hat according to the difference.

The most amazing thing you need to keep in your mind sorted chili is available in the market at double the price.

A chili sorting machine is also the type of grain color sorter and works on the principle of seed color sorter and rice color sorter.

·         Wheat color sorter

The machine is used in the grain industry to sort wheat accurately. The wheat color sorter also helps to sort maize and corn in the same way.

If you’re a patient with a dust allergy, a wheat color sorter helps to dust control during the process of sorting and grading granular products.

·         Rice sorting machine

You want to sort rice with high efficiency and also want to remove defective rice like yellow, grey, bran streaks, and discolored rice.

Rice color sorter is the best grain color sorter equipment that provides outstanding results by removing useless materials such as stones, plastic, and other small particles. The most amazing feature is the assurance of food safety.

·         Seed color sorter

Try seed color sorter and see how it separates the seeds from rough material.

A high-resolution CCD optical camera helps grain color sorter to separate and grade seed particles.

If you want to get more quality of seeds, you need to try the seed color sorter machine.

·         Corn color sorter

As you read above wheat color sorter, and corn color sorter is approximately the same. Most grain color sorters use the same optical technology and high-resolution CCD camera or sensor to detect the color difference of material. Most importantly it provides ultra-fast mass data processing with high accuracy.

·         Grain color sorter

You can’t select any sorting solution without finding the pros and cons of the color sorter.

You can check the accuracy level of the grain color sorter and carryover most preferably. Grain color sorter is also based on optical technology just like seed color sorter.

Never compromise on food safety standards SG grain sorting machine is according to the requirements of the customer.

Advance technologies of grain color sorter and color sorter grain cleaner always maximize the yield of the product.

The multigrain color sorting machine

After you get all the information about different grain color sorters, now I want to share with you the equipment used to sort multi-grains.

In multigrain color sorter, CCD dual-color sensor technology used and it detects even 0.002mm size discolor.

This equipment has a user-friendly interface and touchscreen technology to handle easily.

Chapter 6:  How much does it cost to sort products by grain color sorter

We’ve been in this sorting industry for years and what things we know are given below: Many situations come into play when we estimate the cost spent on grain color sorter. Let’s check some of the variables:

  • Type of grain
  • Size of the items
  • How urgent you need to sort your products
  • Market perception
  • Demand
  • Change in rules and regulations of Government
  • Technologies used in color sorter machine

Before ordering you can check on different websites about the rate of grain color sorter such as Price can vary according to the type of color sorter equipment, you can get color sorter machines in a range of 1000$ to 9800$. But keep in your mind this does not fix the rate. It might be chute type color sorter or belt type color sorter, optical color sorter or wind color sorter all the equipment has its own worth.

Chapter 7: Ultimate Parameters to consider before buying grain color sorter machine

Whenever you want to buy grain color sorter or any other color sorting machines you need some of the important parameters to keep in your mind before buying. The simplest thing is just to compare the input and output of different machines.

You need to check the rejected and accepted items according to your standards. Food safety and yield amount is a really important factor to consider in the sorting industry.

Another important thing is the user-friendly interface of the grain color sorter machine, and the touch screen helps you to operate the equipment easily.

The way I want to say make a precise comparison between 2 or 3 best color sorting machines and color sorter grain cleaner, you will definitely find the results.

You can also compare the old version of the grain color sorter with the latest updated version to find the drawbacks and advantages of both machines.

Now you will be able to decide which sorter machine is better for you but if you find some confusion do contact SG.

Chapter 8: FAQ’s guide when sorting products by grain color sorter

1.      Are spare parts of grain color sorter available in the market?

SG sorting company provides one year warranty for sorting equipment. Yes, you can get spare parts of grain color sorter easily from the market such as a chip, light source, CCD camera, solenoid valve, chute, and operating interface.

2.      Which is the best suitable color sorter for wheat grain?

According to accuracy and quality ratio, a Seed sorting machine is the best suitable machine for wheat grain. It provides the best quality and maximizes the yield of the products.

3.      Can I buy one or two for our farmer?

Yes, you can order for your farmer one or two pieces of equipment to facilitate him. It’s surely maximized the yield of the product and lowered the carryover rate.

4.      How to ship to our local?

You can ship your equipment by sea freight service.

Your machine is packed in a wooden box to avoid any type of damage on the way.

But keep one thing in your mind during the shipment your machine is packed with parts after arriving at your station SG help you to set up and install.

And provide you an orientation about grain color sorter, and give the training to set up or debug the system. You can get your package by the door-to-door delivery mode of transfer.

5.      Are there any customs problems?

Normally you can’t face custom problems but it totally depends on how many chutes you order and which components you need to buy.

If you want to order more updated accessories and don’t want to face custom issues then contact SG for help.

6.      Are Chinese color sorters trustworthy?

As you know China is a country where approximately all the things are manufactured, China has improved also for the sorting industry from the first generation.

China provides these days high tech monotype CCD  technology and support tri-color(RGB) sorting and shape sorting equipment. Now they launch multi-grain sorters to sort different types of granular material with one color sorting equipment.


Sorting products from raw materials can be very profitable for your business.

You need to do deep research and find a reputable company to get your grain color sorter. Note that following some parameters before buying can decrease your risk.

It is, therefore, best if you research and compare with different samples to find the best machine.

Keep connecting with relevant business people to get knowledge about ins and outs of the Chinese sorting industry.

I hope this ultimate guide for grain color sorter has proven helpful in making a decision towards buying an ideal product. If you find any queries contact SG, we’ll always be there to help people.

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