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SG mini color sorter

Mini Color Sorters are a cost-effective and easy way to improve the efficiency of your sorting work. With a small footprint, easy transportation, flexible sorting options, and ease of transport, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

In this article, we will talk about what a mini sorter is and what advantages it has for any small-scale sorting need.

Why Buy A Color Sorter?

Quality can come from many things, but the easiest mark of quality is how the product looks. Consistent, good-looking products showcase value. It will attract more buyers compared to a product that looks messy.

Imagine a bag of rice in the supermarket. You would prefer bags that have very nice-looking rice with no impurities like black grains, husks, bugs, and so on.

But how can humans sort through millions of grains of rice in a day?

Color sorters are machines that make the process of sorting granular objects extremely efficient. From seeds and rice to tea and plastic, a sorting machine can neatly classify your goods (good/reject) and saves time.

The SG1 Mini Color Sorter

We offer a variety of color sorting machine sizes. One of our most popular small-scale sorters is the SG1 Mini Color Sorter.

Featuring a single chute, this sorter has a throughput of around 500kg/hour. It has 2 high-resolution cameras that use the same technology as our large sorters. The mini sorters are a great way to add color sorting for small factories and processors.

The small size and lower cost provide an easy, cost-effective way to implement mechanized sorting.

How Mini Color Sorters Work

  1. The raw material is poured into the input hopper at the top of the sorting machine
  2. The material enters a vibratory feeder which shakes the material to form a single layer
  3. The single-layer then enters the main chute which has multiple channels
  4. High-resolution CCD cameras take high-speed pictures of the material
  5. The software analyses these pictures and will send an “accept” or “reject” signal to the rejection system
  6. As the material falls further down the chute, the rejection system uses compressed air to blast away rejected material
  7. The result of all this is two outputs of material – acceptable ones and rejected one

Now that you know what the mini sorter does, let’s talk about the advantages.

Mini Color Sorter Advantages:

The mini color sorter has many of the same advantages as our larger machines. The big difference is in its small size and therefore smaller cost.

1. Small footprint

The mini color sorter’s dimensions (meters) are 0.98 (L) ×1.55 (W) x1.4 (H), which is smaller than a typical office desk. You won’t need to crack your brain figuring out where to put it in limited space environments.

mini color sorter size

You only need a little more space for the air compressor, air tank, and other accessories such as an air dryer and air filter. No stressing about big conveyor belts, elevator systems, and platforms.

However, a small conveyor belt system might be a beneficial add-on to consider for businesses short on labor or materials that need 24/7 runtime.

2. Lower cost

The SG1 Mini Color Sorter is one of our cheapest models since it is also our smallest. Compared to our 10-chute model the mini sorter is around 80% lower in price.

This lower barrier to entry gives even the smallest sorting facility an incentive to try out mechanized sorting. The return on investment using a machine for sorting is very high.

3. Easy transport and maintenance

Because the mini sorter is so small, it is easier to move around. At a weight of 240 KG, a team of two to four men can lift it onto a trolley for relocation.

The small size also means that all parts of the sorter can be accessed easily, allowing for fast cleaning and maintenance.

4. High quality, efficient sorting

The SG1 Mini Color Sorter uses the same high-resolution cameras as our larger ones. With a sorting accuracy of 99.9% and a carryover of 10:1, you won’t need to re-sort the rejects often.

Video: coffee beans sorting video

It has a throughput of 500kgs/hour (larger materials have higher throughput) and can be run throughout the day. You only need to schedule time to refill the input hopper and clear the output.

5. Flexible

The on-board computer makes it easy to set parameters for sorting. It offers you the option of saving presets that can be used for different materials. This is great for processing facilities with multiple types of goods.

With such a flexible system, even when you upgrade you can still use the mini sorter as a secondary sorting machine.

6. Easy operation

Our mini sorter comes pre-loaded with 20 color selection schemes and can be further adjusted with the handy attached screen. Just select the desired preset, load the hopper, and off it goes.

We have fully trained customer and technical support teams who would be happy to help you with any issues or questions.

7. Doesn’t need industrial-level power

The small size means it doesn’t need high levels of power to run. This allows you the freedom of installing one in non-industrial areas such as offices and homes.


While sorting machines will almost always be good for your sorting work, the mini sorter has its disadvantages.

It only has one chute

Because there is only one chute you may need to re-sort the rejects more often to reduce wastage of good material. You can loosen the parameters of what is acceptable material. That will lead to an overall loss in the consistency of the final product.

For minimum wastage, we generally recommend getting multi-chute systems. They can automatically re-sort materials using a conveyor and elevator setup.


Now that you know about the advantages a mini color sorter has, we hope to hear from you about getting one. Our color sorters have a 2-year warranty and we ship worldwide.

We are a one-stop-shop for color sorting machines. We also offer accessories and additional components. Please email or call us to find out more about these wonderful machines.

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