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What Are the Advantages of SG 5th Nuts Color Sorter?

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Composite Detection System

Visible-infrared detection technology offers a high precise separation solution to the kernel and shells.

Deep Learning System

New generation AI deep learning system reduces tedious debugging, and you can use one key to achieve intelligent sorting.

More Stable Performance

The air-cooled fan system maintains the light source's temperature and stabilizes the sorting effect.

Dust Removing System

A unique dust removal system and touchable food materials reduce the food safety risk.

Nut Color Sorter I5

Exclusive InGaAs technology can accurately identify similar-colored kernels and husks and quickly separate them.

SG color sorter removes impurities by combining the differences in shape, size, color, etc., and the removal efficiency of stalks, shells, and other foreign impurities is as high as 99%, which can meet the safety requirements of nut processing at one time.

X-ray machines can probe the inside of nuts and are very effective for screening nuts that contain shells.

Removing nut diseases and foreign impurities, separate coated nuts from uncoated nuts.

Sort nuts by size, and select nuts that meet the size.

General Sorting Cases

SG color sorter will solve your almost nut sorting problems.


SG has a complete range of nut sorting machines for your option. And generally speaking, a color sorter is a multiple functional types of equipment; it is suitable for many materials. We will offer a customized color sorter based on sorting objects for well-sorting effects.

You can find the sorting list here if you want to know a general sorting object.

It may be a little different to sort different materials. Our experience said the sorting capability for each sorting unit was about 500kgs per hour. You can custom sorting capability ranges from 0.5 tons to 5 tons per hour.


If you want to see the sorting effects, contact us and ask for a free sorting test. You just prepare the raw materials in advance and tell us the sorting requests; we will arrange a free sorting test for you.

You have many ways to check the sorting result and sorting process, such as online video, images, and instant video.

If you buy bigger-sized sorting machines, it is better to ship by sea or rail. They are cheaper but take a longer time of about 30 days. Yet, rail transport availability depends on your country’s location. 

Talk to us to find out more. We will tell you the most suitable shipping method for you.

If you are an end-user, you can ask us to assist you in buying a whole set of sorting systems, including a color sorter and other accessories. And we will also arrange door-to-door service and free on-site installation services.

No matter where you are, SG after-service is the same. You can enjoy on-site installation and commission services. During the warranty, we will also provide free accessories.

AI deep learning technology would greatly simplify the debugging of color sorters. And it may automatically adjust the sorting parameters according to the material status and pick out the required materials.

Yes. The machine has a wide detection range for objects with infrared lenses. It is more accurate to separate the material the colors are close.

If your materials are fragile or easily damaged, you can choose a belt-type color sorter. It uses a soft belt to transfer the materials without heavy dropping during the sorting process, which will protect your materials from damage. You can also contact us for a professional suggestion according to your requests.

If you’re going to buy a color sorter from us, you will enjoy the best price you ever get from other suppliers at local. The problem is that you need to make a sourcing plan in advance because our machine may not arrive at your workshop in a few days. And it may take 40 ~ 50days to deliver the machine to your side, and it may also need several days to install and debug the machine. 

Yes. If you enjoy our machine and are available for others, please recommend it to other guys. We will offer a cash return to you, and the recommended guy will also enjoy the same discount as you. And this policy is working for every recommendation.

Warranty Guarantee

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Warranty Guarantee

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