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SG chute-type color sorters are economic and they are suitable for almost sorting applications.


Four-chutes, 256 channels color sorting machine (2.0~2.5ton/h)


Five-chutes, 320 channels color sorting machine(2.5~3.0ton/h)


Two-chutes, 384 channels color sorting machine(3.5~4.0ton/h)

Ore & Stone Sorting Cases

Barite Color Separating
Quartz Sand 20mm ~ 100mm Color Separating.

It recognizes the foreign impurities by color and removes them with a fast ejector.

Quartz Sand 26mesh ~ 4cm Color Separating.

5700px high-revolution cameras can find out the minimum Mildew down to 0.01mm2

Quartz Sand 26-120mesh

Quartz Sand 26mesh ~ 120mesh Color Separating.

It separates grain seeds based on their sizes, and it can pick out the full seeds with 99.99% accuracy.


Azurite Ore Separated by color and shape.

It separates grain seeds based on their sizes, and it can pick out the full seeds with 99.99% accuracy.

Black Ores Monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, etc
Non-Ferrous Ores Antimony, aluminum, bismuth, cobalt, copper, lead, magnesium, mercury, nickel, silica, tin, zinc, etc
Non-Metallic Minerals Andalusite, bentonite, barite, calcium carbonate, calcite, cryolite, dolomite, garnet, feldspar, fluorite, kaolin, limestone, manganese ore, mica, pebbles, phosphate, quartz, talc, vermiculite, etc  
Precious Metals Gold, molybdenum, niobium, silver, tantalum, tungsten, zirconium, etc

Sorting List of Ore Color Sorter

Salt Sorting Machine

There are many sorting applications with salt sorting machines. Its AI algorithm can subtly recognize all kinds of salts like coarse salt and acceptable salt. The salt sorting machine is suitable for commercial or heavy industrial processing.

The sorting size ranges from 8 - 120 mesh. You can also get high-frequency ejectors for more precise removal.

Coal Sorting Machine

This machine process coals without affecting their quality. It uses a multi-level architecture to analyze and identify coal and coal gangue. The high-pressure wind will inject the target to make automatic coal sorting. They are precise, easy to maintain, and have strong coal adaptability.

Ore Powder Sorting Machine

With this machine, you can sort a vast range of fine ore particles ranging from 26 - 120 mesh—for instance, quartz sand powder and silica stone powder. The ore powder sorting machine can vastly reduce the rejections ratio. You will get nicely sorted ore powder with minimal impurities.

Ore Pellet Sorting Machine

The raw materials must be inserted at a controlled rate into the conveyor belt. Then, the high-resolution camera will scan and identify each pellet. It is to separate the defects from the raw materials. The ore-pellet sorting machine can increase the purification quality of your ore pellets. You’ll get better products with higher values.

Ore color sorter can make color-based sorting, size-based sorting, and shape-based sorting. You can use them to sort all types of ore and minerals.

This machine can separate materials by density, color, size, textures, etc. You can handle the changes in the coal seam easily with it.

You’ll be able to get accurate image analysis based on different ore’s wavelengths. It is more precise in material identification and separation.

An ore color sorter can enhance accuracy without manual sorting. You can collect data, operate remotely, and even do long-distance training.

Ore Color Sorter Manufacturer

You should always find a reliable supplier when purchasing an ore color sorter. 

SG Sorter has 20 years of experience as a manufacturer of all kinds of color sorters. We are currently recruiting agents all over the world. Our professional team provides support for branding, marketing, operation, and cost-efficient purchases. 

You could get quality machines that cater to your needs here, whether in bulk or retail. SG Sorter provides retail services for regions without agents. Our sales team answers your queries before, during, and even after your purchasing process. 

We always strive to give exceptional after-sales services regardless of where you are. You’ll get on-site installation, debugging, and operation training services from our skilled staff. We also deliver by your preferred methods added with insurance for extra protection.

Besides, we sell only high efficiency and accurate color sorters. You can get ore sorting machines of advanced technologies to get the value of money spent. 

These machines can process fast, intelligently and save cost. You’ll also be able to make interactive control for easy operation. They save you much time due to ease of maintenance. 

FAQs About Buy A Color Sorter?

Sure! We sell color sorters with a MOQ of one unit. You can find affordable and advanced machines here with SG Sorter. We set low MOQ so new start-ups can expand their businesses more efficiently.

Besides, you can enjoy a discount based on your total amount in a year.

In general, a medium-range ore sorting machine price around $15,000 to $30,000. You can get advanced machines with a sorting accuracy of up to 99.99% with this price. It also includes the air compressor, air tank, and air filters for your machine.

While you can see different prices online, it is not always the lower, the better. You should research the company background and profile before purchasing. It is also crucial to set a reasonable budget and quality expectations. 

After your order, we build a small color sorter of fewer than 7 chutes in around 7 days. In contrast, we need 10 – 15 days to make the large sorters of more than 7 chutes.

Once we complete the production, we ship the color sorters to you. The time needed varies by continent. When shipped by sea, it takes 7 days to reach countries within Asia. Countries outside Asia will need up to 30 days.  

Yes. Our logistic team will send the color sorter and related accessories to your factory if you need the service. And you can have a visible position service to see where the cargo is. Contact SG now and get a quote now.

Rest assured to have our professional customer service after the sales process. We provide free installation, commission, and operation training services.

Our specialist will manage all types of conditions for you. With our precautionary measures, you can reduce the injuries risks during the operation.

But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not recommend on-site services. Fret-not. You’ll still get online guides and support from us regardless of where you are.

If there are any machine issues in 2 years, you can always get free accessories from us. You’ll also get repair and maintenance facilities to you on a weekly basis. 

There are two different color sorters for you to sort ore or metal objects. 

Chute-type machines are suitable for powder material because the size of each channel is small. And you can use it to sort ore that size ranges from 0.1mm to 10mm. If you’d like to sort stone or ore blocks that sizes are bigger than 10mm, we suggest you use a belt-type color sorter.

We have prepared a questionnaire that will guide you in choosing the suitable machine and accessories. 

Yes. You can sort both dry and wet ores by belt-type color sorters.

Chute-type sorters are primarily dry sorters as wet dirt would accumulate in the channels.

We recommend stainless steel construction. Because the work environment is not good, and some material may also damage the metal.

If your ore are corrosive, or acidic, alkaline, then the stainless steel structure will make the color sorter work longer.


1. You can use your first language to customize the operating system.

2. The machines have a memory function that can remember 100+ different sorting solutions. You just choose the right one when you restart the machine next time. 

3. SG offers on-site operation training and an online debugging service. 

In a word, SG service is always with you. 


You’ll find a visible sorting test by video or live video chat to see the effect, and you can place an order after you are satisfied with the result.

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CE Approved

Warranty Guarantee

24 Months Warranty

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