#SG3 CCD Color Sorter


#SG3 CCD Color Sorter

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SG Mini Color Sorter is the smallest size color sorting machine. It is efficiently designed to separate materials of a specific color from the raw mixture. For example, it can sort out the fine rice from the rice mixture and reject the broken rice. SG mini color sorter has a wide sorting range, including agriculture seeds, plastic flakes, etc. You can use it to sort rice, wheat, beans, coffee, tea, and other grains their diameter ranging from 1 to 50mm.

SG mini color sorter belongs to the chute type, and it only has one chute, so the sorting capacity is limited. It generally can sort 400kgs of rice per hour. The sorting precision is close to 99.9%, and the carryover rate (bad: good) is above 10:1. You can use it on your farm, food processing plants, and other industrial fields. It can regularly work under voltage from 110 to 380V/ 50Hz.

Using SG Mini Color Sorter helps you classify your corp seeds a fast way Right Now!

SG CCD Color Sorter is a smart optical sorting machine with three chutes. In agriculture, SG CCD Color Sorter helps farms and large food processing companies sort and grade to the small-sized corps such as the rice, grains, tea leaves, and others.

SG CCD Color Sorter is 100 times sorting speed than human sorting. The sorting ability will vary because of materials difference. The sorting capability is about 1.5 to 9ton per hour depends on the types of materials.

Besides the agriculture products, it may also work to some industrial products such as plastic, ora, and others. Contact us right now for a quick sorting solution.

Materials Orientation

Rice, Grain, Beans, Nuts


≤ 500

Carryover Rate(Good: Bad)

≥ 10 : 1


≥ 99.9

Working Voltage(Vac)


Rating Power(KW)




Air Consumption(L/min)

< 1000



Dimension(mm) (L*W*H)


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