#SG1 Mini Color Sorter


#SG1 Mini Color Sorter

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SG Mini Color Sorter is the smallest size color sorting machine. It is efficiently designed to separate materials of a specific color from the raw mixture. For example, it can sort out the fine rice from the rice mixture and reject the broken rice. SG mini color sorter has a wide sorting range, including agriculture seeds, plastic flakes, etc. You can use it to sort rice, wheat, beans, coffee, tea, and other grains their diameter ranging from 1 to 50mm.

SG mini color sorter belongs to the chute type, and it only has one chute, so the sorting capacity is limited. It generally can sort 400kgs of rice per hour. The sorting precision is close to 99.9%, and the carryover rate (bad: good) is above 10:1. You can use it on your farm, food processing plants, and other industrial fields. It can regularly work under voltage from 110 to 380V/ 50Hz.

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SG Mini Color Sorter is a precise optical sorting machine. It detects and separates the materials through their visual features.

For example, it separates the fine rice from the raw mixture and rejects broken rice and yellow rice. As we know, rice is white, and the yellow rice is irregular. Meanwhile, the broken rice has a smaller shadow.Mini Color Sorter

Graphic: Mini Color Sorter

SG mini color sorter helps you to remove unwanted material out of stock to get a quality product at the end. In agriculture, it enables you to sort almost grain seeds, including rice, wheat, beans, corn, even tea leaves.

It also allows sorting other industrial materials that have a color difference. Here is a material list for your reference.

Sorting Cases

Graphic: Sorting Cases

Sorting Capacity

SG Mini Color Sorter has only one chute, so its sorting capability is limit. It is about 400 to 1200 kgs depends on the types of materials. For example, it generally sorts out 500 kgs of White Rice in an hour.

Sorting Precision

The sorting precision close to 99.9%, and the carryover rate (bad: good) is above 10:1. SG Mini Color Sorter uses 5700pixel industrial cameras, which can detect 0.01mm2 of color difference.

SG mini color sorter features two rows of the lens so that it can monitor the targets from both sides.

Works better with Residential Voltage

The working voltage of mini color sorter is from 110 to 250V/ 50Hz that is suitable for almost all areas all over the world. You do not ask for a higher industrial power. You can also use it usually when you have industrial control.

How does Mini Color Sorter work?

SG mini color sorter screens the objects through three types: shape, color, and size. The machine has a primary setting, shadow area range, color range. Once their shadow areas are out of the scales, the target objects will be rejected.

Step 1: The Camera records the necessary optical information when the objects pass through the sorting area.

Step 2: The CPU will compare the detected value with the original set value. If the detected value exceeds the set value, the automatic sorting machine will reject the targets.

Mini Color Sorter for Tea Leaves

Graphic: Mini Color Sorter for Tea Leaves

More Features:

Channels: SG Mini Color Sorter only has one chute, and every chute is divided into 64 or 80 different channels. It is the channels that transport the materials to the target sorting area.

Mini Color Sorter Structure

Graphic: the structure of mini color sorter

Selection Schemes: SG Mini Color Sorter is pre-loaded with 20 color selection schemes, which can fully meet your needs for crop selection. At the same time, these solutions can be adjusted according to your actual needs.

Sorting Modes: SG mini color sorter has two different sorting modes: standard sorting and reverses sorting.

Both Normal sorting Mode and reverse sorting Mode are separating the good material from the raw mixture. The difference is raw material.

When the rate of defected material is higher, the reverse sorting mode will be better. Still, when the rate is lower, the normal mode will be better.

However, the machine cannot run both sorting modes at one time.

That means, if your raw materials contain lots of impurities, you have to sort them many times.

Accessories & Supports

Mini Color Sorter Installation Diagram

All SG mini color sorter requires some specific supporting equipment like air compressors, gas storage, air filter, lifting machines, mounting platforms, and others.

Material Hopper: it is the entrance to the material;

Vibratory Feeder: It enables the sorted objects evenly to arrive at the chutes without any overlap.

Chutes: Transfer the material to the screening area. It is a stainless steel board, and on the board, there are 64 or 80 different channels, and the materials slip down along with the channels.

CCD Camera with High Revolution Sensor: Record, read and recognize the RGB and saturation information

CPU: Send accepted or excluded commands.

LED Light: It provides a perfect fill light for imaged products.

Air Compressor and Filter: Provide constant power to the ejector. Air compressors will output the compressed air to the gas storage tanks, and the air will be released when the nozzle receives the rejection signal.

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Materials Orientation

Rice, Grain, Beans, Nuts


≤ 500

Carryover Rate(Good: Bad)

≥ 10 : 1


≥ 99.9

Working Voltage(Vac)


Rating Power(KW)




Air Consumption(L/min)

< 1000



Dimension(mm) (L*W*H)


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