#SG7 Optical Separator


#SG7 Optical Separator

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SG Mini Color Sorter is the smallest size color sorting machine. It is efficiently designed to separate materials of a specific color from the raw mixture. For example, it can sort out the fine rice from the rice mixture and reject the broken rice. SG mini color sorter has a wide sorting range, including agriculture seeds, plastic flakes, etc. You can use it to sort rice, wheat, beans, coffee, tea, and other grains their diameter ranging from 1 to 50mm.

SG mini color sorter belongs to the chute type, and it only has one chute, so the sorting capacity is limited. It generally can sort 400kgs of rice per hour. The sorting precision is close to 99.9%, and the carryover rate (bad: good) is above 10:1. You can use it on your farm, food processing plants, and other industrial fields. It can regularly work under voltage from 110 to 380V/ 50Hz.

Using SG Mini Color Sorter helps you classify your corp seeds a fast way Right Now!

#SG7 Optical Separator is one of the best sellers for large sorting requests, and its output can be up to 5 ton/h. And it is famous for grain and nut processing in food factories and farms.

The optical separator is well known as a color sorter or optical sorter in our daily. The equipment has a chute-type construction, which is the economical way to build the machine.

#SG7 Optical Separator features 7 same chutes, which means the machine has 7 rows of independent sorting units. It is the secret of big sorting capability. You can also use a row of NIR cameras to sort more objects instead of the current CCD cameras. And NIR Cameras will record the inner structure of solid materials. For example, it is widely used to separate the fruit and nutshell during the nuts processing.

#SG7 Optical Separator is good at cycle sorting because multiple constructions allow fine sorting for grain or seeds.

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Sorting Objects:

The optical separator fits the materials that the diameter is between 0.02m ~ 100 mm.

Crops & Seeds: Rice, Grains, Beans, Coffee, Tea, Corn, Wheat, dried fruit, nut, Peanut, Seeds

Mineral & Industrial Products: Salt, Sugar, Ore, Stone, Plastic and etc The Sorting effects for various materials are different.



7 sorting units are beneficial for cycle sorting and large-scale processing;

Shape Sorting, Color Sorting, and Mixed sorting mode;

Fine Material Sorting is Available;

Remote Control and Software Automatic Update



  • Toshiba Full Color CCD Camera with 6000 pixels, Camera Operation Lines/Sec.:  12000times/sec
  • Phoenix customized industrial LENS improves 30% resolution
  • Panoramic Visual Image Capture System. Multiple cameras and various visual angles make defects and foreign bodies have no place to shelter.
  • Precise SOLENOID ejector.Quick: response in 0.1ms; Operating Frequency: 1200HZ+; Low air consumption;
  • NEC Touch Screen and Advance LED Display


Excellent Services Include: 

  • Free on-site installation and commissioning
  • Free operation technical training
  • Free online troubleshooting
Materials Orientation

Rice, Grain, Beans, Nuts


≤ 500

Carryover Rate(Good: Bad)

≥ 10 : 1


≥ 99.9

Working Voltage(Vac)


Rating Power(KW)




Air Consumption(L/min)

< 1000



Dimension(mm) (L*W*H)


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