How Does A Color Sorter Improve The Quality of Dried Seafood?

SG color sorter ensures the quality of seafood screening through five leading technologies.

Multi-dimensional sorting: The color sorter can process the color, shape, and size information of the material simultaneously to identify the state of the material accurately.

AI deep learning technology promotes high-precision sorting: The new generation of color sorters combines AI deep learning technology, which can quickly and accurately select the materials you want by learning from the same screening data of the past.

Structural design of anti-breakage of materials: No long-distance fall. Low-height throwing and soft conveyor belt transportation ensure that the sorting process's damage rate is greatly reduced.

Intelligent light source adjustment ensures a stable screening process.

High-efficiency dust removal system can eliminate dust interference in time.

Good Dried shrimp skin

Acceptable Green Coffee Bean

shrimp skin with impurities
Rejected Coffee Beans
Baked Coffee Beans

Acceptable Baked Beans

Over-baked coffee beans

Over-baked Coffee Beans

Hot Color Sorters For Shrimp and Seafood

No matter harvested rice or storage rice, you will meet a lot of impurities, broken rice, and even moldy rice problems. SG Rice Color Sorter is a fast but precise optical sorting equipment, and it will help you automatically solve all problems. You may also custom many capabilities to fit your practical requests.


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SG Shrimp Sorting Machine

SG Shrimp Sorting Machine, also called Shrimp Color Sorter, is designed to remove impurities from shrimp mixture by color and grade the fine shrimps in a fast way.

Shrimp Sorting MachineIt can be used not only for dried shrimp but also for fresh shrimp sorting. Whether cold water shrimp, warm water shrimp, or even brown or North Sea shrimps, SG shrimp Sorting Machine can easily find the defects like by-catch, legs, heads, discolorations, tails, unpeeled and etc.

In addition, the Sorting Setting can be flexibly adjusted to suit a variety of shrimp samples.

– 99% of impurities can be removed from shrimp mix by one-time sorting

– Can identify foreign impurities in an area of 0.04 millimeter;

– Various Types of Shrimp Color Sorters are designed to meet dry, and wet shrimp sorting;

– Each machine has 20 pre-set shrimp sorting plans, while A visual interface is integrated with the AI learning system to make the operation easier.

Graphic: Belt-Type Shrimp Sorting Machine

Chute-type Shrimp Color Sorter is ideal for DRY SHRIMP SORTING

SG Chute-type shrimp sorting machine can only use for dried shrimps and other dehydrated seafood sorting. SG shrimp sorting machine helps remove by-catch, legs, heads, and other impurities. Therefore, sometimes it is also called a shrimp cleaning machine.

SG has developed multiple color sorters with 1 ~ 12 times sorting capacity, which can meet the needs of both small-scale shrimp sorting and large-scale production.

It is ideal for DRY Shrimp Sorting because it has many good features:

  1. Simple Structure Design and Mature Color Sorting Technology Reserve;
  2. Affordable Prices with long life Warranty;
  3. Business Starts at 1 Unit.

Graphic: Chute-Type Shrimp Sorting Machine for Medium and Large scale processing plants

Belt-type Shrimp Color Sorter is ideal for both Wet and Dry Shrimp Sorting

SG Belt-type shrimp color sorter can be used for both dried shrimp and fresh shrimp sorting.

belt-type shrimp color sorter

The Chute-type shrimp sorting machine needs to rely on the specific speed of the target in the vertical direction to locate the target in the sorting processing.

However, SG Belt-type shrimp sorting machine achieves the target’s positioning by a specific speed in the horizontal direction of the target.

It is the horizontal conveyor that gives the target a specific speed in the horizontal direction, so the Belt-Type Shrimp sorting machine can suit both dried shrimp and fresh shrimp.

  • Can be used to separate a variety of fresh and dry seafood as well;
  • AI Program automatically set the sorting parameter by one-time sample testing.

Contact us now and let us help you select the proper shrimp sorting machines for your business.

Key Accessories:

SG Shrimp Sorting Machine helps you quickly improve the quality of the Shrimps and reduce the human cost.

This excellent performance is due to SG advanced sorting technology and high-quality accessories.


The vibrator is designed to ensure that all the shrimp are freely falling one by one to the chute or conveyor belt.

This prevents the shrimp from overlapping with each other during the sorting process. A stable vibrator can improve the accuracy of sorting by at least 30%.


Full-Color RGB Industrial Cameras

Front and rear Toshiba 5700-pixel RGB full-color cameras allow identifying even 0.1mm defect at a 360°perspective.

Although there may be overlap between the shrimp, it does not affect the accuracy of the machine to remove impurities.

CPU Board

CPU Boards are the brains for the whole sorting process. An SG Shrimp Sorting Machine is actually made up of several imported U.S. CPU boards and the CPU boards drive the identification process and rejection process.

LED-lightning system

LED light source provides a steady white light for the shrimp sorting system, allowing photos to accurately record each shrimp‘s reflected light.

Only a constant light allows the sorting process to proceed with precision.


The high-frequency electromagnetic valve ensures that every rejected shrimp is eliminated and that the sorting process is carried out quickly. SG adopts our own ejectors, which can be used for up to five years.

Meanwhile, SG also provides another option with Italy’s imported Matrix Solenoid valve.

User-friendly interface

Program setting and adjustment are performed through some user–friendly icons, which makes operation more easily.

A non-experienced worker can get the points only a 2 hours operation training. And this training is free and can be organized many times.

Optional Accessories:

Japan SMC air filter

Schneider air switch

Italy MATRIX ejector

Working Principle

The working principle of all SG shrimp sorting machines are similar and it can be divided into two main processes: Identification Process and Rejection Process.

Identification Process

All raw shrimp mixtures are immediately imaged when they entering the sorting device.

The built-in CCD Sensor then reads the color information for each target in the photo and passes the color information to the ejection system in the form of an electrical signal.

Through the color identification process, both good shrimp and impurities will be captured by the 5700pixel industrial cameras.

Since the color of the impurities and shrimps are different, the electrical signals they convert into are also different. The next rejection process is based on this different signal and reacts accordingly to complete the sorting process.

Rejection Process

The rejection process is activated as soon as it receives an electronic signal from the identification process. For the electrical signal of the impurities, SG Shrimp Color Sorter issues a reserved command.

For the electrical signal of the shrimp, SG Shrimp Color Sorter issues a reserved command. All these commands are delivered to the solenoid valves and the removal or holding actions are ultimately performed by these valves.

If an excluded command is received, the solenoid valve needs to open the nozzle to release compressed air to change the original motion trajectory of the target. This will allow impurities to enter another collection basket.

If a hold command is received, the solenoid valve will maintain the nozzle closed and allow the shrimp to enter the shrimp collection basket along an original track.

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